Sellers Save Thousands

Western Plains Realty is Proud to Announce Our New Listing Program

Reduced Commission FULL SERVICE LISTING ONLY 1.5% when you list and purchase!!!!!!!!

  • Should you pay more commission to sell your home because it’s worth more? The answer is simple. You shouldn’t. Put more money in your pocket when you sell by using our program.
  • Our full service listing fee is based on the time required to represent your sale, not the value of your home!!!!
  • Sellers have the ability to save thousands of dollars compared to traditional listing commissions of 6-7%. When selling a home, 6% total commission is common and is usually split between the listing and selling agent. The listing brokerage firm typically receives 3% or more. When selling a $300,000 home, the listing agent would receive $9000. Compare this to our Flat Fee of 1.5% and the seller will save $4500 in commission. Note, this does not include a 3.0% co-op that will be paid to the buyer agent.
  • Compare our Full Service Listing Program to other Limited Listing Programs. Other real estate companies and agents may offer a seller reduced commissions through “Limited Listing Services”. The level of representation varies depending on the price and the program selected. Limited means exactly that. You will not find Full Listing Services in a Limited Listing agreement.
Included With
Western Plains Listing Service:
With Our Competitors:
Work as the sellers agent. ???
Provide a competitive market analysis
showing the value of your home.
List your home on MLS including multiple
Emarketing your home on dozens of online
listing sites.
Live 7 day/week showing coordination. ???
Contract Negotiation. ???
Confirmation of buyers creditworthiness. ???
Translate contract to estimated net sheet
to show you proceeds at closing.
Coordinate all title services. ???
Inspection Negotiations. ???
Appraisal conflict resolution. ???
Coordinate survey/ILC activities. ???
Attend closing. ???
Provide access to our network of industry
professionals including lenders, inspectors, contractors, surveyors etc.
We’ll guide you through every step of the

Western Plains Realty has been representing buyers and sellers for more than 15 years in northern Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest level of service and representation. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.


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