We have List/Buy incentives for sellers. Selling your home and buying your new home can save you on commissions.


Selling you home is a big decision; you need a dedicated, experienced agent.

We are committed to all of our sellers and work side by side with them throughout the entire process. Our experience provides us with the tools to guide you through this process and avoid some common pitfalls that others face. We ask the right questions upfront to minimize surprises and sell your home on your schedule and minimize the disruptions associated with a move.


We take the time to educate ourselves on your needs and educate you on current market conditions.

  • How much is your home worth?
  • How long will it take to sell?
  • How do you prepare your home for a sale?
  • How much cash will you receive when you sell?

Too many agents are looking to put a sign in the yard and see what happens. We don’t believe this is the way to serve our clients.  While the proceeds from the sale of your home are a priority, the day of closing, possession and moving can be stressful and disruptive if not managed properly.  We ask as many questions as we answer to understand your needs and schedule.  We negotiate on your behalf every step of the way to help you achieve financial goals as well as the timing of your closing and move.  


Making you home stand out from the competition.

Almost every home has a unique feature that sets it apart from other homes on the market. Our job is to identify it, boast about it and market it. Whether you have a custom built home or a model home in a subdivision, there is a high probability that you have a feature that is unique and we’ll find it.

We take a team approach to all of our listings. At least two of our agents run an independent analysis of our listings to arrive at their opinion of value. Every seller has the benefit of 30+ years experience working for them to determine value, features and marketing points. This approach leaves no stone unturned and generates results. 

We market our listings on 50+ websites, and we are always looking for new ventures on the web to use as well. We also create a custom website for the home, where potential buyers can see more info, more pictures, and see the top potential for the property that they would not always see through the MLS system.

Websites we currently market to:

MLS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just to name a few. is our favorite tool to market your home, besides the MLS system of course! We set up a unique website strictly for your property only, and broadcast it on Craigslist, Google, Zillow, and Trulia. An added upgrade for our clients, is the “MyMove” feature. It allows you to send the information about your new home to all of your friends and family members….This saves you time and money, as opposed to sending out “we have moved” cards, and it is a fun way to spread the word! Click Here to see an example!

Seller Steps

  1. Determine the Value of Your Home: The best way to get accurate information about your home is to pay for an appraisal. The next best option is to request a CMA (comparative market analysis) from us, your Real Estate Broker.  We use recent historical data of past home sales and current data of homes available to provide you with our opinion of value for your home. This is a complimentary service for our clients and prospective clients and we are happy to help.

    While there are many other options on the internet these days, they only use data available on public records. These sources only consider limited criteria and cannot adjust the value based on location, improvements or condition. The only way to get the true market value of your home is with the help of a local experienced professional.  We take the time to do our home work and meet with all sellers to discuss our CMA value and answer their questions.

  2. Determine the Net Proceeds from Your Sale: We will provide you with an Estimated Net Sheet showing all costs associated with selling your home and the amount of funds you will receive at the time you close on your sale. Knowing how much money you have available for your next purchase is a key factor in determining the price you can pay for your future home.

  3. Prepare Your Home for Showings: A few little things can go a long way. We are happy to help find ways to make each showing a successful one.

  4. Sell and Close: We are with you every step of the way!

Helpful Information Sheets for Sellers

Please feel free to download and use these forms for your convenience!

Home Evaluation

Seller Advice

Making Your Move Less Stressful


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